Update to our Customers - 21 Aug 2019

Today we have completed refunds for August membership draft payments for services that was performed in error. Please note that this may take 5-8 business days to see this refund (according to our credit card processor).

In addition, we continue to pursue a new operation/owner for the two locations that will honor remaining sessions on packages that our clients purchased prior to closing as we had done at the time we acquired previous tanning salon businesses and converted to each of the four TIKI TAN locations.

Of special note, we have already established a temporary site within our Friend in Business, ProActive Chiropractic located in Post Oak Village shopping center to service the remaining sessions of our Lipo-Light clients packages.  We have successfully begun this process over the last week and will continue until all sessions have been fulfilled.


We will continue to provide updates as to the status of our progress.  Our greatest desire, and remaining obligation, we believe, is to fulfill our clients remaining package sessions and will continue to work to achieve this goal.  


We wish to thank each of you that have extended words of personal encouragement and support as we close out TIKI TAN with as much grace and transparency that is allowed.

Notice to our Customers of our Stores Closure - 11 Aug 2019:

We regret the confusion and concern that the immediate closure of our two locations: 900 Harvey Rd. and 1718 Rock Prairie Rd. may have caused you.  However, urgent and immediate action was necessary due to circumstances and obligations that were outside the control of BCS Tanning, LP to continue its operation. Steps are in place to seek new management for one or both remaining locations to fulfill outstanding tanning services for you and we hope to have a remedy in the next few weeks.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we do so and will provide this information either directly via email or contained here on our website.


Please continue to monitor our website for accurate updates as social and public media may not.  Also please note that no drafting of any membership accounts for the month of August, 2019 were authorized by BCS Tanning LP.  Any drafts that may have occurred were performed through a third party point-of-sale salon management firm which we are seeking remedy to correct on behalf of our customers.

We appreciate your 17 years of patronage and support of TIKI TAN as well as our community involvement since TIKI's inception to its exit as consistently the Best Tanning Salon within Bryan/College Station with notable awards over our last five years.


"Personal thanks for the growth and learning opportunities that I have had during this season of my life.  I wish the new management much success and prosperity and know that they will exceed in providing our loyal and valued clients more than what they expect!  Thanks, again, Aggieland!     Charlene Heath

TIKI TAN - Harvey

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